The first phase of my project was an attempt to get those who inhabited the atrium downtown to begin to notice more about the existing reflecting pool. Through use of identification tags and photography, I wanted the viewer to look at the pool and its surroundings in another way. The tags were placed near existing objects and labeled them as being works of art. Instead of being seen as an accident or thoughtlessly placed item, smudges of paint or a fire sprinkler become realized as something that had value. Some tags were placed next to objects that didn't have their title filled out, in case a passerby felt inclined to name it themselves. This was a rather short lived event, for the tags were taken down with in a matter of days, so I decided to take an aspect of the atrium environment and use it create an impact in another location.

Junk(?) Yard

I worked with mirrors to simulate different feelings and views within a lot downtown that contained piles of miscellaneous equipment and junk. Mirrors were placed in certain places and photographed at specific angles to achieve views that either allowed the viewer a new take on the objects or of the space as a whole. (can you spot the mirror?)

Beman Park

As the project progressed, I proposed that mirrors be installed in a more public location so that more passersby might engage with them and be affected by their presence as a space interpretation instrument.

Some effects/views might include: